Government Facilities

Municipalities and other government facilities have dramatic opportunities for energy savings in their buildings, public works yards and street lighting. With the Gas Tax funds that many municipalities are currently accumulating, it is in the best interests of these government agencies to utilize these funds on energy efficiency measures before they are clawed back. Carbon tax implications are also significant. At Evergreen LED we provide various solutions to drastically reduce this carbon footprint.






Commercial Retail

One of the best advantages Evergreen LED brings to commercial and retail businesses is a complete line of LED lighting and display solutions. We are the “one stop shop” as we not only offer energy lighting solutions to reduce lighting energy and maintenance costs but we also provide attractive LED digital indoor and outdoor signage for advertising to attract customers.



Hospitals and Extended Care Facilities

Most hospitals are lit to daylight brightness 24 hours a day, hospitals can spend up to 50 per cent of their operating costs on lighting. These facilities also operate on strict budgets with a constant list of upgrades and improvements awaiting funding. With the potential to save 50-90% on lighting through LED conversions, these organization can reduce their operating costs dramatically. This includes minimizing maintenance and potential downtime due to the longevity of LED’s. Evergreen LED is proud to offer a wide variety of LED solutions for most hospital applications.







Schools and Universities

Under persistent cost reduction pressure, schools can benefit greatly from the Evergreen LED ESP program. The no cost model appeals to school districts and administrators as way to achieve energy savings from upgrades without the required capital expenditures. We have many proven products and financial options for any school board application.



Industrial Facilities

Warehouse facilities often present some of the most significant opportunities for lighting improvements. High bay fixtures throughout industrial applications present lighting control challenges due to their need to warm up and cool off. This means they are often always left on when the facility is operating. LED replacements allow for occupancy controls to be implemented which not only greatly reduces the wattage with LED’s, but also allows for the lights to be off when the area is not in use. Evergreen have various high output LED lighting solutions to suit any industrial need.




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