The life of an LED driver is mainly determined by the lifetime of the electrolytic capacitors employed. Therefore, to achieve long life of the LED drivers, it is critical to select long-life, quality electrolytic capacitors. Also, since the life of electrolytic capacitors drops by half for every 10°C increase in operating temperature, thermal management of these components is extremely important. Two key factors for reducing the temperature of the capacitors are high efficiency design (dissipating less heat in the driver) and thermal design (effective conduction and/or convection of the heat into the ambient surroundings).

Evergreen LED uses only top proven performing drivers from reputable brands such as Phillips, Cree and Epistar etc. Using only the highest quality drivers ensures the longest life of our LED’s, 50,000 plus hrs, many non-stamped generic drivers will only last 10,000-30,000hrs. A LED’s lifespan is directly related to the quality of its components, therefore we pay special attention and make sure our factories are only using the best materials available on the market.

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