Diode selection is a key component in any LED luminaries application. This will determine life longevity, lumen output and color temperature consistency of your final product. It is vital for any successful company to have expertise in diode selecting. This selection method is called binning. The practice of binning is designed to maximize effective utilization in the production of LEDs. This process is most important for luminaries manufacturers to specify and control since it has serious implications on performance, cost and lead-time. It is also important as a point of general awareness for end-use customers so they understand how the manufacturing supply chain is ensuring high quality and consistency – specifically with regard to critical performance attributes such as light output and color.

LED manufacturers sort their production into lumen, color and sometimes voltage bins. This allows luminaire manufacturers to select only those LEDs that meet their acceptable performance ranges while maximizing the overall usage of each of the bin ranges for the LED supplier.

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