Evergreen LED Inc. is a Canadian corporation based out of Calgary Alberta, Canada. It’s founder and CEO Sam Scherwitz is a third generation lighting entrepreneur with 20 years experience in energy efficient lighting technologies. Since 2002 Mr. Scherwitz with his partner company LED Sign Supply Inc. has been specializing in LED technology and is a pioneer in providing a wide variety of energy efficient LED lighting and LED Digital Display solutions throughout North America and abroad.

Our highly technological products include everything from general residential LED lighting, to commercial and industrial high output LED lighting, to large format digital LED billboard and LED signage solutions. Evergreen LED is dedicated to providing environmental energy efficient solutions to help reduce the carbon footprint across the globe, while continuing to create economic growth opportunities.


Competitive factory direct pricing on all products. 


We only manufacture, source and produce quality LED products with the highest standards of approved craftsmanship, certifications and technologies. 


Multi-Millions of inventory with unlimited production capabilities. 


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